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Sustainable Strength is an energizing at-home program designed to build functional strength for life.

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Functional strength for life

Weight training is a great way to improve your overall fitness, strengthen your bones, improve your balance, and challenge yourself in a new way.

Too often, weight programs are focused exclusively heavy lifting and maximum fatigue. Not only does this create a risk of injury, but it is also time-intensive and leads to burnout.

This is why we created Sustainable Strength – an energizing 8-week strength training course that you can do at home, including professional instruction. This course will teach you a variety of strength training moves, build your physical and mental strength and confidence, and leave you feeling energized.

These workouts are designed for you to do in 45 minutes or less, in your home, with just a few simple weights.

Sustainable Strength is for…

Beginners Who Want to Learn How To Use Weights Safely

If you’re interested in exploring strength training for the first time, but you don’t know where to start, this is the course for you. We will introduce you to a variety of strength training movements with clear video instruction. We offer a variety of modifications to accommodate all levels.

Experienced Exercisers Who Want Variety

If you’ve had some experience with using weights and you’re seeking a home program to motivate you, challenge you, or introduce you to some new movements, Sustainable Strength is for you. In addition to the initial 8-week program, we are also providing all Premium students with all the tools they need to continue programming effective and efficient home workouts.

Athletes Looking for Effective Cross-Training

As Athletes ourselves, we designed this course with athletes in mind. We wanted to make something that would be a great complement to other athletic pursuits such as running, biking, rock climbing, tennis, backpacking, and swimming. If you are an active person, and you’re seeking a targeted and efficient at-home cross-training program to improve your performance in sport and prevent injuries, this course is for you.

Aging Exercisers

Making a course that was suitable for aging exercisers was very important to us. In fact, it was personal. We wanted a course that would be great for our parents and anyone in the 50+ age group. Coach Mikel specifically incorporated movements that will help you maintain good bone density, improve balance, and prevent injury so you can have functional fitness for life.

All Genders

The idea that weightlifting is only for men is outdated and limiting. We’re here to dispel that myth (along with other parallel myths, like “weight training makes you bulky.”) If “getting jacked” is your goal, there are ways to do that, but that is not this program. This program is designed to help you feel strong, toned, energized, and confident.

The creators of Sustainable Strength

Co-Founders, Todayland

We created Todayland as a response to a problem we had: we couldn’t find approachable workouts that made us feel  great without a lot of hassle. Since then, our vision has evolved to helping our community reach their daily potential – including the Sustainable Strength course.

Certified Trainer, Yoga Instructor & Founder, Make You Wanna

A decade of experience in the health and fitness industry has shaped my well-rounded approach to teaching. I hold certifications in NASM, CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, and kettlebell training, and have 600hrs of formal yoga training and experience leading 200hr yoga teacher trainings.

Meet Coach Mikel

Hi everyone – I’m Coach Mikel Blount, and I’m partnering with The Workout Today to bring you Sustainable Strength.

My approach to teaching: I always give you options, because movement isn’t one size fits all. I want to challenge you to move with attention and intention, giving your body the opportunity to tell you what feels good, where you can push, and what you need. That is what Sustainable Strength is all about.

The workouts in this course are simultaneously approachable, challenging, meditative, and at times experimental… but they always feel good. I view movement as the ultimate privilege and I am so excited to share the fun of strength training with you. See you in the course!

What people are saying…

Testimonials from Sustainable Strength students

“Sustainable Strength was a life saver, more so during pandemic. Coach Mikel demos the moves then breaks down the exercise for quicker learning. This program has me reevaluating whether I’ll ever join a health club again!” – Jack K.

“I signed up for this course after recovering from some chronic illnesses that reduced muscle mass and strength. I found the course to be so well designed and laid out that I looked forward to the workouts! They took less than an hour, had great tutorials, a balanced routine with warm ups and cool downs, and I am stronger and more confident at the end of 8 weeks. I plan to integrate the workouts into my weekly routine. I feel more grounded and have more endurance (I notice this on my hikes). Highly recommended for any age (I am almost 70.)” – Jane F.

“I am usually a runner, but I’m also a college student, and when I returned to campus for the spring semester, they had us on pretty tight lockdown. Even if I couldn’t get out and run, I could always work on strength training. I set up my yoga mat in my dorm room between a desk and a bed, packed a dumbbell, and kept track of everything in my workout journal. On grey days when everything just seemed so strange because of our new COVID-era reality in college, it felt so good to be able to feel strong and engage in the challenge of the program.” – Katie T.

“I really enjoyed the Sustainable Strength program and found it a more structured way to incorporate more strength training into my marathon running training than what I ordinarily do. It was fun to try something new and learn some different exercises. The explanations of how to do the exercises in the tutorial videos were clear and straightforward, with ways to modify them also included. Many thanks!” – Pat M.

“I was an active person before, but this is the first time that I have incorporated heavier weights (10-25lb dumbbells) into my workout routine. Sustainable Strength made it easy for me to start without intimidating me. They provided in depth how-to videos for every single movement, so I could always double check if I had proper form. I took my time and did the course over about 15 weeks (rather than 8) and I still found it very valuable. The best part for me is that weights are now a regular part of my workout routine, and I feel much stronger and healthier because of it. I do lots of heavy lifting at work, and I feel more equipped to do my job safely thanks to Sustainable Strength.” – Lizzie K.

“Thank you for helping me discover and expand my physical & mental potential. Now that I’m more comfortable exercising with weights, I can’t wait to see what my body has in store for me a year from now.” – Landry T.

“Sustainable Strength is accessible and achievable and has helpful training. The best part is it’s all on your own pace. Three times a week for eight weeks is quite doable. Each week builds from the previous. I particularly like the mobility segment each week which loosened up muscles and opened flexibility. I feel fit and strong and ready to wake up for tomorrow!” – Paul K.

Sustainable Strength is the only at-home workout program I’ve enjoyed. And as a result, it’s actually worked. I’ve lost some fat, gained some muscle, and I generally feel stronger and less fatigued on a day-to-day basis. My brother saw the program in action (I couldn’t help but send him a couple videos of me showing off the new weight movements I learned) and he plans to join me for Sustainable Strength’s next course. And naturally I’ll make a competition out of it. I highly recommend this program for anyone that is willing to invest in their health.” – Nathan H. 

What you get when you join:

An 8-week at-home strength training program

Each week consists of three workouts: two strength workouts, plus one optional mobility focused workout to complement your core training. This a comprehensive strength building program. There is a big difference between doing random workouts and following a program. All of the workouts and each of the weeks throughout Sustainable Strength are carefully designed to build on your previous work, and make you stronger and more mobile over time.

Professional video instruction for every single movement in the program

Every single movement we prescribe will be linked to a video tutorial by Coach Mikel explaining the movement and providing options and modifications to increase/decrease the challenge to suit your personal fitness level and goals.

6 on-demand guided workout video classes to kick off the program

To kick off the program, and get you right into the swing of things, the first two weeks of workouts are all available as fully recorded video classes so you can just follow along with Coach Mikel. (You’ll still have the option to do these two weeks self-guided as well if you prefer.)

Lifetime Access

Miss a week? Want to repeat the course every six months? No problem. You will have lifetime access to the course. Premium Students will also receive all course upgrades and improvements we ever make to the course – a great lifetime value.

Personal support to help you get the most out of Sustainable Strength

We kick off the course with open virtual office hours with Peter and Keeley to help you get started. Peter, Keeley, and Mikel will be available throughout the duration of the 8-week program to answer your questions via email. All Premium Students will also have the opportunity to join two Live Coaching Sessions on video chat with Coach Mikel to help further customize the course or answer questions.

Premium Students also receive access to...
  • Two Live Group Coaching Sessions on video chat with Coach Mikel
  • A 45 minute “Yoga for Strength” video, led by Coach Mikel
  • A template and toolkit to design a personalized next phase of the program after you finish the course
  • 8 custom workout playlists
  • Access to all future Sustainable Strength upgrades and cohorts – as the course improves over time, you’ll receive all improvements. This is a great value. We’ve already improved the course since Cohort 1 based on excellent student feedback.

What makes Sustainable Strength different?

The internet is full of great workouts. In fact, we offer free workouts to our readers every week over at Todayland. That said, there is a big difference between doing workouts and following a specific, guided program.

This course is an integrated program with world-class coaching that you can access on your own time, from your home. If you’re interested in leveling up your fitness, rather than spending your time searching for resources, you will find all that amazing information distilled here into a clear and actionable program. 

By the end of the course, you will have the confidence and skills you need to incorporate functional, sustainable strength training into your workouts for the rest of your life.

What equipment do I need for this course?

You can follow the Sustainable Strength program with a minimum of 1 kettlebell or 1 set of dumbbells. With just one or the other, you will get 80% of the benefit from the course. That said, for the full experience and 100% of the benefit, we recommend 2 sets of dumbbells (one heavier and one lighter) and 1 kettlebell.  

We’ve created a handy guide to help you identify the right weights for you, which we’ll share with you after you sign up for the course. We’ll also share resources about some of the best places to buy weights right now.

Course is currently closed. To be notified when enrollment opens, sign up here: